Study in Russia

Russia is one of the top destination for Indian students to study Medical (MBBS). The capital city of Russia is Moscow. The medical study of Russia is known for its high quality of education. The process is easy, smooth, systematic to get admission in Russian medical colleges. The tuition fees of medical colleges in Russia is very low as compared to the tuition fees of private medical colleges of India. Thousands of students every year make their medical study destination towards Russia. Russia has many world class universities with cutting edge infrastructure, advance and modern techniques and good campus. The best and top Universities are listed below:

(Currency of Russia: Russian ruble: 1 Russian ruble = 1.05 Indian Rupee).




I.M. Sechenow First Moscow State Medical University was established in 1758. The university in cooperation with the Moscow Department of Education created a system of profession oriented medical classes in secondary general schools, as part of the pre-university training. The main objective of training in these classes is to provide students with the possibility of a conscious choice of profession.


Tver State Medical University is one of the top medical universities of Russia. It is one of the oldest and leading educational institutions in Russia. For more than 70 years the Tver State Medical University has been playing a leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical practitioners and scientists. Today it is the largest medical science research and educational centre, renowned for its extensive clinical and laboratory based training and a brilliant teaching staff. There are 800 students who are studying here.


Perm State Medical University was founded on October 14, 1916. It is one of the oldest and biggest universities located in the Perm City of Russia. At present, there are around 569 employees in the Perm State Medical University including highly qualifies teachers and the candidates of medical sciences.


Orenburg State Medical University guarantees a sure shot success in the medical field. The infrastructure is fully modern equipped with latest tools and techniques to learn through practical and experiments. The curriculum of MBBS at Orenburg State Medical University is designed according to the international standards. The curriculum of the university consists of total 54 subjects in which students get theoretical as well as practical training. The University got established in 1955 and has more than 5000+ international students studied so far.


Mari State University was established in 1972. It offers a diverse life to its students. Every student for sure finds something suited to his/her needs. This university is not only the first classical university in the Republic of Mari El, but also accommodates a staff which was the first to create a new generation computer network. New and interesting events, on national and international level happen on everyday basis to ensure all round development of the students.


Bashkir State Medical University was established in 1932. There were more than 35,000 doctors of different specialties graduated from the University for 80 years. This University is having BSMU Clinic, Dentistry Polyclinic, Medical College and Post-Diploma Education Institute. More than 6.5 thousand students study at Bashkir State Medical University and from India 2700 Students. There are Scientific Research Institutes for Oncology, Dentistry and Rehabilitation and Health Resort. Bashkir State Medical University specialities in General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Microbiology.


Kabardino Balkaria State University is one of the leading scientific, educational, informational, social and cultural University in Nalchik city of Kabardino Balkaria Republic of Russian Federation. Kabardino Balkaria State University annually produces about two thousand specialists. Kabardino Balkaria State University formed in 1957 in Balchik on the basis of Pedagogical college. Kabardino Balkaria State University has 67 departments with the teaching staff of 870 highly qualified teachers, where 1800 students getting trained every year.


Crimea Federal University named after S.I. Georgievsky, V.I. Vernadsky was founded in 1931. The University has the 4th (heighest) level of accreditation. About 4 thousand students are studying, including 1530 foreign students from 40 countries of the world at Crimea Federal University. Crimea Federal University is recognized by World Health Organisation & also recognized by Indian Medical Council. The Crimea Primarily experiences two seasons Cool & Warm. The Warm season runs from May until October. Summers are dry and warm, with a cooling effect from the gentle sea breezes during the day. Sea temperature averages +230C during the warm season. Simferopol is the “Gateway to the Sunny Crimea”. With its airport and railway station, the city is the Crimea’s transport hub. Simferopol airport is the Crimea’s transport hub.


Rostov State Medical University was founded in the year 1915 and located at Rostov-On-Don-Russia as a Medical faculty of Donskoi University, in the year 1930 it graced on to become an independent medical institute, and today gains a status of a full fledged medical university. The University has its own clinic with 1000 beds, and apart from this it has its bases in the prominent city hospitals enabling the students to inculcate sound practical knowledge and medicinal skills.