Study in UkrAine

Favorite destination for medical study is Ukraine:

Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe known for its Orthodox Churches, Black Sea, Coast Line and Forested Mountains. Its capital and largest city is Kiev. Ukrainian is the official language and its alphabet is Cyrillic. The dominant religion in the country are Eastern Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism.

(Currency of Ukraine: Ukrainian hryvnia: 1 Ukrainian hryvnia = 2.49 Indian Rupee).

Why Choose Ukraine?

  • Top most National/State Medical Universities – These universities have better track record, infrastructure for research and development. If you are interested in making your CV brighter and better then this is the place for you.
  • Nominal Tuition Fees.
  • 100% English Medium of education.
  • Immense exposure and opportunities – Once you join these Universities you will get hundreds of opportunities to take part in research programs, Medical conferences in Europe as well as all over the world. Visa offices are very easy to find and also the university helps you and promotes you to take part in such activities.
  • No corruption at all.

Education standards:

  • This is some thing which you have to experience by yourselves and one can differentiate the level of education from others.

City and Living Standards:

  • Everything is excisable without any problem, very affordable cost of living. No racisim of any sort.
  • Good number of Indian students
  • 100% Visa guaranteed for the deserved students.




Ternopil State Medical University is located in the city of Ternopil in Ukraine. Web site is:

TSMU was founded on 12th April 1957. The Institute has 19 departments and employed 66 instructors. The institute is steadily developed programmes and facilities, but the biggest change to place after Ukraine has gained its independence in 1991, then it started moving towards the Europian system of education. A Degree from TSMU will allow you to expand your carrier or continue your studies in any Country of the world. Many graduates of TSMU are successfully working in USA, Canada, India and European countries.


The official date of the founding of Uzhgorod State University is considered to be October 18, 1945. From this day the council of people’s commissions of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) adopted a joint resolution on the opening of Uzhgorod State University.

Uzhgorod National University is holding the highest 4th level of accreditation. It is one of the best Universities of the Carpathian region, situated in a wonderful student city Uzhhorod on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine.


Sumy State University is located in Sumy Oblast, in the historical region of Scoboda Ukraine. According to the Webometric Rating, Sumy State University ranks 4th in worldwide internet rating among Ukrainian Institutes of higher education as on 2018. When it comes to Medicine Studies in Ukraine Medical Institute, Sumy State University is a name to reckon with. Founded in 1992 as the Medical Faculty of Sumy State University, it is in the forefront of providing quality medical education at economical costs and is widely known for its innovative teaching has produced world class doctors serving at prestigious Medical Institutions across the globe. Currently the Institute hosts students from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. When it comes to Medicine studies in Ukraine, Medical Institute, Sumy State University is a name to reckon with.


Bogomolets National Medical University is an ancient organization that was formed 176 years ago with an aim of providing excellence. The name of the institute is outlined after the name of the physiologist Alexander A. Bogomolets. It is considered to be one of the top MBBS university in Ukraine. The university is located in Kiev’s cosmopolitan city.

TRAINING AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH In NMU education is available in English. 196 Students from 35 countries, including Israel, India, Iran, Iraq, USA, Turkey, Sweden take their courses in English language3 graduation programs of specially trained teaching staff were implemented


Founded in 1921, Vinnitsa National Medical University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the small city of Vinnytsia (population range of 250,000-499,999 inhabitants), Vinnytsia Oblast. Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Vinnitsa National Medical University (VNMU) is a coeducational higher education institution. Vinnitsa National Medical University (VNMU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study.


Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» is the best and the largest medical university in Eastern Europe. Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» was established in 1930 as M. Gorky Donetsk Medical Institute. After the second world war, Institute was renames to Stalino Medical Institute. In 1967 the institute was again renames to M. Gorky Donetsk State medical Institute. In 1994 DNMU was given the status of University and in 2008 DNMU has got the status of National Medical University and it was renamed to M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University. In 2015 according to the order of Ministry of Health of decommunization.


Poltava is the 7th largest city of Ukraine , an industrial, scientific, cultural and agricultural centre of Ukraine. The population of Poltava is 315, 000 peoples and is constantly increasing due to internal migration of the village population and student from other regions. Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA) provides high quality education to our students who are looking for quality education at an affordable course fees. Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA) has a good team of long term experienced lecturers in providing quality education to the students.